What constitutes identity, after all?

“Oh, you Americans are so politically correct and take offense to everything!”, exclaimed a friend, repeatedly pointing his finger at me.

I shrugged; I wasn’t American, after all. And I had no opinion on the political correctness of Americans or lack thereof.

“What do you…

Loving, Learning, and Leaving Italy

A Not-So-Clandestine Affair with La Dolce Vita


I had fallen in love with the idea of Italy long before I ever set foot in Rome. In fact, I would often joke with an Italian friend that cheese and wine were like my two hands. …

How one Instagram Challenge changed my life.

Rome. September 2, 2014

There are fewer things in life that have been more terrifying than getting a phone call at 8:26 AM, on the train to work, telling me that my apartment building could be on fire. The man on the phone didn’t really speak English…

Shruthi Baskaran

Feisty Food Fairy & Travel Aficionado

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